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FBE has designed and supplied various types of dryers to large number of milk powder/ fruits powder/baby food powder/coffee powder/ egg powder manufacturers in India and abroad.

It has commendable achievements in the field of design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of following types of dryer

  • Spray dryer
  • Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Vacuum Band Dryer
  • Vacuum Tray Dryer
  • Ring Dryer
  • Spin Flash dryer
  • Rotary Dryer
  • Steam Tube Dryer
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Spray Dryer

Spray drying is transformation of feed from a fluid state into dried particulate form by spraying the feed into a hot drying medium. It is a continuous particle-processing drying operation. The feed can be a solution, suspension, dispersion, emulsion or slip. The dried product can be in the form of powders, granules, or agglomerates.

Feed is finely atomized and is introduced in the drying chamber along with hot air. The mixture of atomized feed and hot air moves towards the air exhaust of drying chamber. The time taken by this mixture to travel upto air exhaust is called as residence time of drying. During this residence time, the feed droplets loose its moisture to the hot air and are converted into dry powder particles. The dry powder falling on to the conical portion of drying chamber slides down to bottom of drying chamber with the assistance of vibrators/knockers and is collected in collection bag/bottle through the rotary valve located at the bottom of drying chamber.

The air leaving the drying chamber entrains some of the dry powder which is recovered in the cyclone separator and collected through rotary airlock. The air leaving the cyclone separator still has traces of dry powder, which is further recovered by scrubbing in wet scrubber or passing it through bag filter. Air from cyclone or bag house is sucked by induced draft fan


  • Milk Powder (SMP/ WMP/ Dairy Whitener)
  • Herbal Extracts
  • Whey powder
  • Fruit juice powder
  • Instant coffee powder
  • Egg powder
  • Maltodextrin powder

FBE manufacture Spray dryer with following types of drying chamber

  • Tall form dryer
  • Multi stage dryer (Ceiling exhaust)
  • Compact Multistage dryer (Bottom exhaust)

Salient Features of FBE designed Spray Dryer

  • Drying & particle formation in one process.
  • Wide range of particle size and distribution can be obtained.
  • Reduced running cost
  • Fully Automatic – needs little running attention.
  • Continuous production machine without human touch.
  • Provision of cooling cum conveying system.
  • Bottom cone angle of drying chamber is 45° - powder slides.
  • Unique Air Disperser design – thorough air-spray mixing – minimizes powder sticking – reduced down time.
  • Air exhaust from high efficient cyclone & filter bag house
  • Quick opening manholes/cleaning windows.

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Fluid Bed Dryer

To avoid channeling effects and to ensure true fluidization, vibration is required, so FBE is used Vibrating fluid bed dryers in the powder manufacturing unit. After introducing a fluid bed into the spray drying processing, FBE has recognized that there was a distinct difference in the structure of fluid bed treated powder compared with powder from a pneumatic conveying system. The fluid bed treated powder was distinctly coarser and free flowing. The reason for better flow ability was a partial agglomeration.

FBE manufactures Fluidized Bed dryer in 2,3 or 4 sections. In double section FBD 1st section is for heating and 2nd is for cooling. In Triple section FBD 1st sections are for heating and 2nd and 3rd are for cooling. In four sections FBD 1st and 2nd section for heating and 3rd and 4th are for cooling.

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Three Stage Dryer

The three-stage dryer involves transfer of the second drying stage into the base of the spray drying chamber and having the final drying and cooling conducted in the third stage located outside the drying chamber. It consists of a main drying chamber, static integrated bed chamber and vibro fluidized bed chamber.

In the main chamber primary drying of the droplets takes place in the main chamber as they fall from the atomizer to the base of the chamber.

AThe second drying stage takes place as drying air is sucked through the powder layer. The moisture content of the powder falling on the Integrated bed is 12 – 20 % depending upon the type of product. This second drying stage reduces the moisture content to 8-10 %. The moisture content is very important to achieving the exact degree of agglomeration of the product and porosity of the powder layer.
The third and last drying stage for skimmilk and whole milk concentrates takes place in the vibro fluidized bed dryer where the moisture contents of the powder reduces to 2.8% to 3.5%. Fluidized bed chamber is supplied with heating and cooling section. Only a small amount of powder leaves the plant together with the drying and cooling air as fines. This powder is separated from the air in a cyclone. The powder is recirculated, either to the main chamber or to a point in the process appropriate to the type of product and the agglomeration required.

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Vacuum Band Dryer
Vacuum Belt dryer are especially efficient for the continuous drying of temperature sensitive products. The vacuum inside this type of dryer lowers the aggregate level for evaporation so that efficient drying can be accomplished at lower temperature. This ensures that sensitive foodstuffs can be dried very gently and efficiently. It comprises a vacuum chamber housing a number of conveyor bands which pass over platens heated by steam. These units are supplied with a range of capacities.


  • Malted Milk drying
  • Fruit juice concentrate drying
  • Herbal extracts drying
  • Lumpy products & granulates drying

FBE designs and supply malted milk plant. Malted milk food is the product obtained by mixing Milk with malt extract and cereal grain. The paste formed is evaporated and vacuum dried to manufacture malted milk powder. The scrapped type evaporator with specially designed agitator shall be used to concentrate the product upto 70-80% TS then it is dried in Vacuum Band dryer.

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Rotary Dryer
The drying of material takes place inside the rotating cylinder. The rotating shell is acting as the conveying device and stirrer. The wet material is dried by contact with heated air. The dried material is exposed to the hot air to achieve low moisture content.

Rotary dryer is used to dry herbal extracts.

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Roller Dryer
In roller drying the product is distributed on rotating, steam-heated drums. The water in the product evaporates and is drawn off by a flow of air when it comes in contact with the hot drum surface.

The pretreated product is admitted to a trough formed by the cast iron drums and their end walls. A thin layer of product on the drums is heated quickly when it comes in contact with the hot surface. The water is evaporated and the layer of product on the drum dries. This film is continuously scraped off by knives in contact with the periphery of each drum.

The dried product falls into a screw conveyor in which it is ground into flakes. The flakes are then transferred to a grinder, and hard and burned particles are separated on a screen at the same time.

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Vacuum Tray Dryer
We offer 12 trays, 24 Trays and 55 trays Vacuum Tray Dryer that finds application in food, pharmaceutical and other industries. It is easy in operation and is suitable for drying granulates, powders, wet cakes and slurries. The inner chamber is fabricated using mild steel and stainless steel and the temperature ranges from 50C to 250C. Body shall sustain vacuum stress of 710 mm WG. The vapor coming out from chamber shall be condensed in vapor condensing system consisting of Barometric condenser and vacuum pump.

Application :
  • Fruit juice concentrate drying
  • Herbal extracts drying
  • Lumpy products & granulates drying
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